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Remote Computer Support: When is it a good idea?

The faster, cheaper and more convenient nature of remote computer support makes it a good solution for some computer problems, but there are important things to consider when choosing this option.

First, not all computer problems can be addressed through remote service, but some can. The most common computer issues that can be resolved through remote support include:

  • Installation of software or printers.
  • Troubleshooting and fixing operating system errors.
  • Clean-up activities like virus and malware removal.


An additional benefit to choosing remote computer support is that you have access to an expert technician while remote service is happening.  This is a great time to clear up any lingering questions you may have about your computer or network.

Second, you must make sure you are dealing with a reputable company.  Do NOT trust your remote computer service, give access to your computer or credit card to ANY unknown person/telemarketer who calls on the phone promising to fix or maintain your computer. This is a scam that many people fall prey to.

Since 2004, Your Computer Hero has been providing MN Computer Repair.  We have Computer Heroes on hand who can give expert advice and service for your remote computer support needs.

4 Things to Consider when Deciding to Repair or Replace Company Computers

1.How old are the computers?

As a general rule:

  • 0-4 years old, strongly consider a maintenance or computer repair plan
  • 5-7 years old, depends on other factors
  • 8+ years old, strongly consider replace


2. Can small upgrades, like more RAM, be added to your current computers to get the most out of them and delay a large capital expense?

3. Are there hidden costs?

Hidden costs involved with purchase of new computers may include:

  • Transferring data from the old computer to the new.
  • Software programs may need to be repurchased and/or reloaded.
  • There is a learning curve with any new computer that may cost productivity time for employees.

4. What are the nature and extent of the problems with the current set up?

There are many, many things that can go wrong with computers.  Regular maintenance of existing computers will help immensely in prolonging their useful life and determining the right time for an upgrade.   If you are having trouble determining the root of computer problems or are looking for expert advice a Computer Hero is just a phone call away.

Since 2004, Your Computer Hero has been offering expert service to business owners on IT service management in Minnesota.  Call us when you are deciding whether to repair vs replace existing computers.