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Using a Computer Repair Service

Computer repair concept Close-up view.Hardware.If you have never used a computer repair service, it can be a little intimidating.  Similar to getting a car repair, you must rely on the mechanic to be upfront about the work that is needed, the cost of the repair and the timeline for getting it all done.

At Your Computer Hero, we don’t like “mystery bills.”  That is why we stay in close communication with our customers from the diagnostic assessment all the way through the repair.  We make sure there are no surprises or unexpected charges ever.  The first step in deciding if computer service is right in your situation is to contact us.  Our Computer Heroes are great at giving you cost and time estimates on computer repairs.

Fill out the contact form or call us at 763-229-4467.

Can Computer Repair Save You Money?

Some people are very quick to replace their technology when they could be saving a ton of cash by repairing. I was recently in a discussion with a person who said, “I have a computer repair shop near my house, but for the life of me, I have no idea why I would ever go in there.  When my computer stops working well, I go buy a new one.”

A simple phone conversation with one of our skilled Computer Heroes will help you determine whether repairing your computer or replacing it is the best for you.

Repair is not always the most cost efficient option, but sometimes it can keep a computer running for a couple more years.  That saves money.  Contact us before you go out and buy something new, the conversation is free.  When it is more cost effective to replace your technology, we will suggest that.  If we can save you the cost of a new laptop or other device by repairing it, we’ll tell you that too and give you a quote for the cost of the repair.  A quick phone call could save you a few hundred dollars.

Saving the World

At Your Computer Hero, we specialize in providing IT support to local businesses in the Minneapolis metro area and computer repair in Ramsey MN.

Part of our purpose at Your Computer Hero includes helping people responsibly and economically dispose of their electronic waste.  We work with a local recycler to host events that provide a convenient drop off point for electronic recyclables.  So far this year we have collected  almost 8000 lbs. of electronic waste including tube tv’s and monitors, flat screens, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.  We think that’s worth celebrating-this is waste that didn’t land in our local landfills!

We will be hosting another recycling event this fall.  If you missed this one and want  to be notified of our next recycling event, get on our email list!  Our email subscribers are always the first to know about our recycling events and other great events we offer throughout the year.  Sign up her!

Computer Questions?

Would it surprise you to know that there is one answer to almost every computer question?  Yep, only one answer. Here’s the answer…wait for it…the answer is…”it depends.”

At Your Computer Hero, we specialize in guiding our customers and business clients through the “it depends” scenarios and arriving at solutions.  We like to do that so much that we have a special place on our website for “Computer Questions.”  There is no question that is too simple or too complex.

We invite you to let us guide you through a conversation that starts with “it depends” and ends with a solution.

Ask now!

Your Computer Hero has been providing excellent PC repair and IT solutions for businesses in the Minneapolis area since 2004.

Practical Password Practices

There are an endless number of articles touting password keeper apps, accompanied by explanations about why long randomized passwords are the best practice. They all say a version of the same thing, “You’re fooling yourself if you think your very predictable Pa$$W0rd is actually fooling hacker decoding software”

After trying 3 different password keeper apps, I decided that these apps and the technology that surrounds them, have a long way to go to become truly useful.  I encountered a number of problems including:
1. App was too complicated, not intuitive.
2. Fingerprint recognition would not work well. There’s no point in having all my 16-digit random passwords protected by a 4-digit pin under the “Password” banner on my phone.
3. One app did not generate random passwords.
4. Perhaps the biggest problem; my iphone lost the “paste” info as I went from one app to the next.

Even though I concluded that a password keeper app is not for me, I did make one lasting change to my passwords during the course of my research.  I $t0pped.Doing.Thi$!

One easy way to generate long passwords that look random, but are memorable, is to think of a sentence that means something to you, then use it to generate a password. For example, “I ate ice cream daily in Rome in June 2000.”   This “key” sentence translates to “I8icdiRi6.2000.”  This simple sentence is personally memorable to me but unique enough to be impossible to guess.  It easily generates a 14+  digit password.  If you can remember or write the sentence, you have a good chance of remembering the password.