Posts made in June 2018

The Tech Room: Keyboard Replacement on an Alianware Laptop

Keyboard replacement can range from quite simple to very complex.  We recommend that you never open your laptop case specialized equipment is required-a small nick with a screwdriver or static electric shock can cause major damage.

As a preventative measure, keep your keyboard away from toddlers, pop, puppies and pet pigs (we did get a service request once where a pet potbelly pig ate someone’s keyboard.)

Computer Support Needs for the Growing Business

Since 2004, Your Computer Hero has specialized in providing computer security, support, repair, recovery, maintenance and upgrades to small businesses.  We define “small businesses” as using 2-40 computers; the group of businesses that is too small to staff their own IT professional but too large to rely on their friend or family member for computer support.

As the business grows, the first step small companies often take is finding the person on their staff that knows something about computers and designating them the “tech guy.”  This budget friendly approach has some obvious pitfalls and can sometimes do more harm than good.  Hopefully, the business owner does not discover pitfalls on payroll day when their computers are down…that’s stressful!  Sooner or later, it becomes necessary to access expert professional computer network consulting to maintain the critical backbone of the business.

If you have questions about the computer systems at your business, Your Computer Hero responds to questions through our “computer questions” tab on our website or call us at 763-229-4467.  Our senior Tech Hero can sit down and help evaluate your need for professional computer network consulting.

55+ Ask a Computer Expert

At Your Computer Hero, we are committed to serving our community, which is why we set aside time each month for special events like our Save the World! Recycling events, How I.T. Works: A Class for the Curious Family Event and 55+ Ask a Computer Expert.

In the month of June, we are hosting an event for Seniors 55 and older.  We will have our Tech Heroes available at our shop in Ramsey, MN to answer computer questions.  We will start the afternoon with a few commonly asked questions and then answer questions in an open forum where seniors can learn from others questions.  By providing answers to participants specific questions in an open format, we hope to give the most responsive and relevant information for the people who are present.

Our Tech Heroes are good teachers and can speak in language that everyday people understand.  No questions is too simple or too complex.

This is a time for seniors to get  answers to their questions and learn a little about technology.  It is a free drop in event.  Our hope is that participants will think of us when computer repair is needed in the future, however there is no cost and no obligation to purchase anything at the event.

Since 2004, Your Computer Hero has been providing PC repair in Minneapolis as well as IT services management in Minnesota.