5 Things That Can Harm Your Computer

A little extra care can go a long way in extending the life of a computer.  Here are five common things that people do to inadvertently cause harm to their computer.  Small changes in these areas can save you money on repair bills and extend the life of your desktop or laptop:

  1. Blocking Computer Vents-The computer’s vents help keep the machine cool and operating at maximum capacity. Placing a desktop computer very close to a wall, or even placing a laptop on your lap can block the vents.  Overheating can cause your computer to shut down unexpectedly and can even damage internal circuitry.
  2. Cleaning With Liquids-Liquid cleaning solutions can get in under the edges of the screen and cause corrosion, while detergents can damage the coating on the screen. Clean the screen safely by use in a dry microfiber cloth, just like cleaning the lenses of glasses.
  3. Pushing the DVD or CD Tray to Close It-The button that opens and closes this mechanism is there because applying force to the delicate parts that make it work may break with excessive or repeated pressure. While it may seem easier and quicker to give it a shove-use the button!
  4. Restarting while Installing New Software or Updates-This is one thing that will definitely create a “user generated” repair bill. Getting impatient and pushing the power button to shut your computer down during updates or software installation is a very bad idea.  Usually, it is just taking longer than expected.  Be patient, walk away for a while and you will likely come back to find your computer humming happily-prompting you to restart once the updates are complete.
  5. Putting Unnecessary Pressure a Laptop’s Power Port– The power port is where the laptop’s power source plugs into the computer. This area can take a lot of ware and tare because of frequent plugging and unplugging. When the computer is plugged in, make sure that the cord is not stretched to the wall or that the box in the middle of the power cord is not hanging in mid-air off a desk or table.  This can put sideways pressure on that port and break the housing that holds the port in place from the inside.

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