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Post-Christmas Recycling Event: January 2019

Is Santa Clause is bring a new laptop, smart phone or tablet for Christmas? Recycle your old technology fast, easy and free.* Your Computer Hero is hosting a Free* Electronics Recycling event January 7-12, 2019 just after Christmas.  Drop off items at our shop at 7962 Sunwood Dr. NW Ramsey, MN 55303 during regular business hours: M-F 10-6 and Saturday 10-2.

Free Items to bring:

  • Game Consoles
  • Cell phones and PDAs
  • Cords, Cables and Mice
  • Switches, Routers and Hubs
  • CPUs, Memory and Disk Drives
  • Laptops, Desktops and Tablets
  • eReaders and Cameras
  • Satellite, Cable and TiVo Receivers
  • Peripheral Cords and Hardware

Do not bring: 

  • Humidifiers
  • Microwaves
  • Dishwashers
  • Water heaters
  • Space heaters
  • Washers and Dryers
  • Refrigerators/Freezers

*Items with a recycling fee:

  • Tube TV’s: $1/diagonal inch
  • Flat Screen TV’s: $.50/diagonal inch
  • Tube monitors: $15
  • Flat screen monitors: $5

All recycling will be handled by B & E Recycling Station.

Business Owners: Is your technology keeping up with your goals?

Business owners are all different in their technology requirements, the urgency with which they approach their business objectives and their stress level when their technology isn’t performing optimally.  At Your Computer Hero, partnering with strategic, goal oriented business owners who want their technology to run as fast and efficient as they do is our specialty.   Accomplish more, eliminate wasted time and rest easy knowing your information is secure.

At Your Computer Hero, we have been providing IT services management Minnesota since 2004.

Reputation, Relationships and Recreation

Life requires technology. Keep it efficient, secure and connected. Your reputation, relationships and recreation count on it!

  • Security means sensitive information is protected.  A great reputation is built over years, but can be destroyed in a day.  When business systems and client information are protected from outside threats, this so a good reputation!
  • Connectivity means communication and relationships. Potential clients, colleagues, friends and family members have easy access to you and your goods or services when needed.
  • Efficiency means more work gets done faster.  Important deadlines get met and recreation time is more abundant.

Your Computer Hero has been an IT Services Management specialist in Minnesota since 2004.  Call our shop at 763-229-4467 to talk to an expert Computer Hero about our business technology needs.

Living Well and Doing Good with Technology: Stephanie Paige, Stories Foundation

In this interview, Stephanie Paige, founder of Stores Foundation and host Jenna MacLennan, co-owner of Your Computer Hero have a candid conversation about human trafficking and how to equip and protect our children from predatory influences online.

This is a bold conversation about the influences we face in our culture with great tips from someone on the front lines of this widespread problem.

Stephanie references a number of ways to get involved in the fight against human trafficking.  The links below bring you directly to more information:

Sponsor the Run!

Find the food truck!


How I.T. Works

On July 28th, we hosted another free “How I.T. Works” event for families!  These are our favorite days at Your Computer Hero! We open our shop to area families for this free event.  Parent child teams come in to take apart a laptop and explore what’s inside.  We provide the laptop computers and tools and the families provide the curiosity!

I am always excited at the way kids react to this hands on experience-they are intrigued, engaged and amazed.  Many take home a small part of the computer they dissembled as a memento from the experience.  Who knows, we may be inspiring some future I.T. professionals.

We will be offering our popular class “How I.T. Works: A Class for the Curious” again this fall.  The best way to get notified of future events is by email. Sign up to be notified today!

Living Well and Doing Good with Technology: Lisa Bobyak, Living Fully Balanced

We are kicking off our “Living Well and Doing Good with Technology” series with this powerful interview on Being Connected Yet Not Feeling Connection by Lisa Bobyak, speaker and coach!  Lisa works with high achieving women in her practice at Living Fully Balanced.  Here, she shares valuable tips and mindsets for those seeking to live better with technology.

As we highlight a number of people in our community that are living well and doing good things with technology, we want to treat you to our FREE BONUS 5-point trouble shooting checklist to help you stay efficient, connected and secure.  This 5-point checklist will save you money by helping you determine if you truly need the help of a computer expert when you are having trouble.  Even if you aren’t tech savvy, you can work through the checklist in about 10 minutes.  No specialized computer knowledge is needed!

Download now FREE.

Enjoy this wonderful interview!

Here is the link to Lisa’s 8-Day Love Your Life Again Challenge!  It begins July 29, 2018 so get signed up now.

Be The Hero!

We love technology here! Your Computer Hero has specialized in providing logical and ethical technology solutions to business and individuals since 2004.  Restoring peace of mind to computer users everywhere!

But, let’s face it-navigating the onslaught of technological advances, and their impact on our families, businesses and communities can be overwhelming!

In the coming weeks, we will be sharing interviews with every day heroes who have taken up the challenge of living on purpose in the technological age.  These people are powerfully impacting their corner of the world!  They will share expertise, inspiration and advice on such topics as: Being Connected AND Feeling Connected,  Fighting Human Trafficking One Life at a Time, One Mom’s Journey to Peace with social media and more.  You are sure to be inspired, educated and enriched by these wonderful interviews!

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