Spring Recycling Event

Our goal for this event is to keep 6000 pounds of electronic waste out of local landfills!

Be a hero and save the world with us!

Bring in your recyclables during the week of May 7-12!  Most items are FREE to recycle.  We’ll give you a coupon for two free diagnostics for future use!

FREE items to bring:

  • Game Consoles
  • Cell phones and PDAs
  • Cords
  • Cables and Mice,
  • Switches
  • Routers and Hubs
  • CPUs, Memory and Disk Drivers
  • Laptops, Desktops and Tablets
  • eReaders and Cameras
  • Satellite, Cable and TiVo Receivers
  • Peripheral Cords and Hardware

Data storage devices will be sanitized for personal information and data.  Recycling will be handled by B&E Recycling station.

Do not bring:

  • Humidifiers
  • Microwaves
  • Dishwashers
  • Water heaters
  • Space heaters
  • Washers and Dryers
  • Refrigerators/Freezers\

Items with a recycling fee:

  • Tube TV’s: $1/diagonal inch
  • Tube Monitors: $15
  • Flat Screen Monitors: $5
  • Flat Screen TV’s: $.50/diagonal inch

Bring in your electronic recyclables May 7-12!

Your Computer Hero has been providing computer repair Ramsey since 2004.  We are conveniently located in downtown Ramsey across from Coborn’s at 7962 Sunwood Dr. NW #300, Ramsey MN 55303.


Organizing Digital Pictures

Do you have photos on your desktop? Your laptop? Your iPhone? Your tablet? The memory card of your old camera? or all of the above?  Now is a great time “spring clean” your digital life by getting your personal photos in order!

Don’t do it alone! Join our Facebook Group “Organizing Digital Pictures: 5 steps in 5 weeks”  and walk through the process with Me (Jenna) and others. Well start on April 30, 2018.

Additionally, we are offering a great deal to help our customers get personal photo collections off old devices and stored in one central location.  We’ll retrieve photos from all devices for one flat rate.

Whether you are spring cleaning or getting a slide show ready for a graduate, drop your devices off at Your Computer Hero to retrieve and centralize your personal photos!

You are still reading so you must be serious.  Since your personal picture collection is likely the most valuable thing you own, we’ve done research

on the best way to organize and protect it!  After all, how do you put a price on those pictures of your child taking their first steps?  We have distilled this down to a 5 step process that will take you from picture chaos to totally organized and protected from loss.  If you are ready to tackle this project, you can download the “5-steps to Organizing Digital Pictures” totally FREE now.


5 Things to Try Before Calling a Computer Professional

Are you wondering if you REALLY need a professional to fix your computer problem?  As part of our mission to help you live well with technology, we have developed a 5-point checklist to help you make sure you aren’t throwing good money away on unneeded computer services.  Anyone can work through the checklist in about 10 minutes.  No specialized computer knowledge is needed!

Download now FREE.

Earth Day 2018: Upcycle Challenge Workshop

April 22 is Earth Day!  We have teamed up with the Yoda of Making-Cool-Things-Out-of-Everything, Matt Coppersmith from Coppersmith Customs to bring you the Earth Day Upcycle Workshop, where you can make something cool out of recycled electronics.  As part of this event, we are giving away a refurbished HP Laptop, an HP backpack and an HP wireless mouse!

Earth Day Upcycle Workshop 

 Sunday, April 22, 1-4 pm at Your Computer Hero

7962 Sunwood Dr. Ramsey, MN 55303  

(Across from Coborn’s, Downtown Ramsey)


Three easy steps to winning:

  1. Create something! Make something completely original or search “upcycle electronics” on Pinterest.  Matt Coppersmith will be at the workshop to share ideas and help you create something awesome.  You can make anything from a simple jewelry piece to an intricate StarWars battleship model-just make sure your creation is at least 50% made from old electronic pieces.  We will provide electronic parts at the workshop, but if you have electronics to recycle PLEASE BRING THEM to use and share.
  2. Submit a picture of your creation!  You can submit starting March 31 until April 23.  The sooner the better.  Upload a picture of your creation here.
  3. Vote! Voting is open from March 31 until the end of Earth Day, April 29, 2018.  Each time someone votes for your entry, another name will be added-so SHARE your submission with friends and family!  Vote here!

Win!  We are giving away a refurbished HP Pavillion laptop computer ($150 value), an HP backpack ($35 value) and an HP wireless mouse ($20 value.)  Winner will be randomly drawn, but votes improve your chances of winning!  Winners will be notified on Monday, April 30rd, 2018.

How I.T. Works: A Class for the Curious

How I.T. Works: A Class for the Curious turned out to be one of the best days yet at Your Computer Hero!

We hosted 10 parent/child groups at our shop in Ramsey, MN.  Each group completed 4 steps to disassemble and explore a laptop, identifying 10 different parts.  Kid and parents walked through a self guided, hands on experience while our Tech Heroes where available to answer questions.

This class was enjoyed by all who participated and filled up fast!  We are planning to do it again in the summer.  To be the first to find out about classes like this and other events at Your Computer Hero sign up for our monthly email here.

Can we HELP you?

Have you ever walked into a business and felt like fresh meat?  I have.  The sales-person greets you by saying “How can I help you?” but is really trained to sell and up-sell the company’s most profitable merchandise.  So, “How can I help you?”  really means “How can I use you?”  Nobody likes this.  This is not the fault of the sales person, but the company has lost their way.

At Your Computer Hero we  strive to keep I.T. personal, so “sales” is not part of our playbook, but serving is.  We HELP!  This subtle value makes all the difference.

  • Helping means listening carefully and suggesting options.
  • Helping means supporting, respecting, and understanding what YOU want.
  • Helping means patiently listening to YOUR specific problem and offering expert solutions.
  • Helping means focusing on YOUR need not our bottom line.

Our tech saturated world has created epic changes in how we relate.  At Your Computer Hero, serving people personally will never go out of style.  Since 2004, Your Computer Hero has been helping people by providing computer repair in Ramsey MN.   Call or stop in for a quote on your next computer service.

Worried About Computer Security?

We often get the question: “Is my computer protected from outside threats?”

We recommend ESET NOD32 Antivirus Program for combating viruses, spyware and phishing.  It provides the best balance of speed, detection and usability while leaving a light footprint on your computer’s resources.  (That’s computer-speak for it works awesome and you don’t need a super-great super-fast computer to support it.)  This is a little video about ESET:

If it’s your kid’s eyes, your identity or your bank balance that you want to protect from outside threats we suggest ESET.  Download ESET Here.

We think I.T. is personal at Your Computer Hero.  We exist to help bring you PEACE of MIND about your technology.  If you have concerns or unanswered question about your data network security mn call us at 763-229-4467 or send us an email!

Slow Computers and Productivity

Are you missing out on productivity because of slow computers? Most people understand the frustration of waiting for a slow computer, yet employers aren’t always dialed in on this issue. I (Jenna) walked into a local business recently and was met by a very frustrated employee. She was waiting 2-3 minutes each time she wanted to access a work related online database, which was many times each day. She was ready to throw the computer out the window and walk off the job because of the frustration.

There could be many reasons why this computer was not running optimally. That is why we offer an 11-point diagnostic on computers like this on. It is the basis for deciding whether it is worth fixing or replacing. The cost of paying this employee to watch her computer grind away will far exceed the cost of maintaining this computer and keeping this employee happy and productive.

Slow computers are a productivity and morale killer in the workplace. If you check-in with your employees and find that their computer speeds are slower than they should be, call Your Computer Hero.  Since 2004, we have been speeding up slow computers for individuals and local businesses. Trust Your Computer Hero for IT Service Management in Minnesota and Computer Repair Ramsey


March Giveaways!

Enter to win!

This month are having awesome giveaways!  

2 High Quality HP Laptop Backpacks &

2  HP wireless computer mice.

Prize drawings will happen at 2pm on Saturday, March 31st at the Ramsey Business Expo-but you don’t have to be present to win.

Click here to enter.

Remote Computer Support: When is it a good idea?

The faster, cheaper and more convenient nature of remote computer support makes it a good solution for some computer problems, but there are important things to consider when choosing this option.

First, not all computer problems can be addressed through remote service, but some can. The most common computer issues that can be resolved through remote support include:

  • Installation of software or printers.
  • Troubleshooting and fixing operating system errors.
  • Clean-up activities like virus and malware removal.


An additional benefit to choosing remote computer support is that you have access to an expert technician while remote service is happening.  This is a great time to clear up any lingering questions you may have about your computer or network.

Second, you must make sure you are dealing with a reputable company.  Do NOT trust your remote computer service, give access to your computer or credit card to ANY unknown person/telemarketer who calls on the phone promising to fix or maintain your computer. This is a scam that many people fall prey to.

Since 2004, Your Computer Hero has been providing MN Computer Repair.  We have Computer Heroes on hand who can give expert advice and service for your remote computer support needs.