Can we HELP you?

Have you ever walked into a business and felt like fresh meat?  I have.  The sales-person greets you by saying “How can I help you?” but is really trained to sell and up-sell the company’s most profitable merchandise.  So, “How can I help you?”  really means “How can I use you?”  Nobody likes this.  This is not the fault of the sales person, but the company has lost their way.

At Your Computer Hero we  strive to keep I.T. personal, so “sales” is not part of our playbook, but serving is.  We HELP!  This subtle value makes all the difference.

  • Helping means listening carefully and suggesting options.
  • Helping means supporting, respecting, and understanding what YOU want.
  • Helping means patiently listening to YOUR specific problem and offering expert solutions.
  • Helping means focusing on YOUR need not our bottom line.

Our tech saturated world has created epic changes in how we relate.  At Your Computer Hero, serving people personally will never go out of style.  Since 2004, Your Computer Hero has been helping people by providing computer repair in Ramsey MN.   Call or stop in for a quote on your next computer service.