Electronics Recycling Event this Month! January 13-18,2020

Concerned about recycling and data security?

If you have a computer or two (or ten) collecting dust in a your garage or office closet somewhere, you are not alone.  Many PC users and business owners hang on to old computers, monitors and printers because it is just a PAIN to figure out how to responsibly dispose of them and protect sensitive data in the process.  That is why we have ironed out a secure disposal partnership with a reputable local recycler.  And for those who need at that iron clad proof of responsible data disposal on file, we have a Certificate of Overwrite. 

Dismantled and Crushed

I don’t want to overdo the “save the planet” pep talk, but there are many great reasons to recycle your computer.  Electronic devices contain toxic substances including lead, mercury, cadmium, beryllium, polyvinyl chloride and chromium. These and other components are valuable raw materials that can be melted down or isolated and reused.  When e-waste is tossed into landfills, these chemicals can leach into the soil, polluting ground water.

It is typical for us to collect about 4,500 pounds of e-waste during our weeklong recycling events.  99% of that goes to our recycling partner: B & E Recycling in Elk River.  They are a trustworthy local company, the prices are very reasonable and they have provided us with this written security guarantee:


B & E Recycling Data Security Guarantee

B & E Recycling is exclusively a recycler.  B & E Recycling does not refurbish, resell, give away, utilize or let our employees take home ANY electronics that come through our doors.   At B & E Recycling, we understand the sensitive nature of data that may be stored on computer hard drives and take every precaution to assure that those hard drives are dismantled and destroyed as promised right here on our premises.  Therefore, you can be assured that your data is secure when you trust us to recycle your electronic waste.


Refurbished and Reused

A very small percent of the computers and laptops that are dropped off during our recycling events are refurbish-able.  In this case, protecting your private data, even if you have erased it, requires that the hard drive be wiped to government standards (National Institute of Standards and Technology Standard 800-88 r1).

Wiping to government standards means we take a special program that is designed to overwrite every piece of that data three times over.  Once overwritten by this method, the data is not retrievable by anyone no matter what program they use or how much time they have to work at it.   It is gone and it’s not coming back!


Certificate of Overwrite

For those that need the an iron clad guarantee on file that they have handled the disposal of electronics containing sensitive data, we offer a Certificate of Overwrite as proof that your hard drive has been overwritten to government standards according to National Institute of Standards and Technology Standard 800-88 r1.  Some business have policies that require this type of proof, others prefer the peace of mind that goes with having hard evidence that they responsibly disposed of sensitive data.  We charge a nominal fee of $45 per hard drive for this service and offer volume discounts.  A certificate containing your specific hard drive information will be emailed to you with a statement referring to the government standard.

If you have questions about our recycling event on January 13-18, 2020 or have concerns about data security related to disposing of your e-waste.  Give our shop a call. at 763-229-4467.