Guest Article: The WOW Factor

As a provider of IT services and computer repair for the Twin Cities business community we often run across interesting and helpful stories for our clients.  In this guest post, Ross Johnson, owner and founder of SnackBOX, teaches about the value of wowing our clients.

I want you to think back to that time when you bought your first house or moved in to your first apartment. That time in life can be filled with so much emotion! Joy, excitement, fear and worry all coming at you in waves. I will never forget my journey to purchasing our dream home. We had been living in our sisters home for two years and had saved up a proper down payment. We were all set and ready to go, all we needed was a realtor! I had a good friend that had done a great job on social media telling her story of how she was helping others find their dream homes and I knew she was the right person call. The day we made our offer she invited us over to her home to start the negotiation process and long story short we got the home! We out bid the other buyer by $100! No kidding! Here is where the wow factor comes in. After we had been in our home for a few days we received a card in the mail from our realtor with a handwritten message and a $50 gift card to Target to start off the decorating process. I was IMPRESSED! You just don’t see that anymore in business today! We also ended up referring her a month later to some friends. To our surprise she sent a warm cookie basket to our home to say thank you! No kidding they were warm and delicious! To this day 5 years later we still get Christmas cards and those constant customer touches that are vital for referrals.


As a business owner myself, sometimes I think we get so obsessed with trying to acquire new customers when our best sales teams are our happy customers. We also need to take the time to re-market to our current customer base. They are a very warm audience that has already spent money with you and they trust you!


At SnackBOX we work with companies that are serious about the wow factor and re-marketing to there faithful customers. We have a client that that buys cases of our snackbox’s and takes them on the road. She brings them to her client meetings as a way of saying thank you for doing business with us! We have a hotel client that places a snackbox on the bed pillow of every guest that spends a week or more at the hotel.


We also have large phone manufacture (the biggest in the world) that uses SnackBOX to send thousands of boxes to their home based employees as a way to say thank you! What a great way to create an amazing culture among their staff.


Take the time to thank your best customers!  They trust you! They have spent money with you and they do talk about you! You have worked so hard to bring them in to your business! Think about what it costs you to acquire a customer! If you want to take your business to the next level you gotta give em’ the “WOW” factor!

Ross is the owner and founder of SnackBOX! They work with some of the biggest brands in the snack industry and provide pre-packaged SnackBOX’s available on, and their website