Guest Article: When a DREAM is bigger than a DIY

As a provider of IT services and computer repair for the Twin Cities business community we often run across interesting and helpful stories for our clients.  In this guest post, Justin and Jenna Bakken, owners at XtraMile Construction link their daily work life in construction to the big dream they are pursuing by building an entrepreneurial center for impoverished youth in Guatemala.

by Justin and Jenna Bakken, XtraMile Construction

Have you ever seen a DIY (do it yourself) video and left feeling empowered?  The vision, the urge to create was so strong. The dream kitchen was so close, you could see the family meals being shared and countless parties being hosted. You only needed to take that intrusive wall down to open up the space. Maybe add a window for more natural lighting, install new cabinets, replace the wood floor, add a trendy backsplash, a few strokes of paint, and of course top of the line stainless steel appliances!  Motivated, you fuel that dream and it gets way bigger than the simple DIY project. Yet, undeterred you embark on a journey.  Perhaps, a few short hours, days, or even months later you come to the realization that this dream kitchen was a job for a team, a group of skillfully suited people?

The truth is, big projects and big dreams need teams of people to be completed or come to life. Being in the field of construction, I (Justin) have often noticed after a project comes to a close, the contractor or project manager get all the praise. What many people don’t see are the hours of hard work by skilled tradesmen. Yes, the contractor needed people skills to sell a job, he needed vision, and an ability to bring together dedicated, hardworking, skilled individuals to complete the dream. Yet, the dream and the kitchen came to life because of everyone who worked on the project.

What does your dream look like? We started dreaming after backpacking around Guatemala for 3 months for our honeymoon. Over the course of our travels we have spent about 2 years in Guatemala. Each time we returned  we  had the privilege to volunteer our time by helping at local churches, meal programs, rural schools, and orphanages. We have many dreams, one is to create a dream and entrepreneurial center for youth living in poverty.  We will be providing a safe and fun environment, where youth will be equipped to think big and create businesses to better their lives and communities. Now, we are surrounding ourselves with driven and generous people who want to make a difference in the lives of others. One day we will have reached and changed the lives of thousands of youth, but it will not have happened without the help and expertise of hundreds of people.

Dream big friends, whether it is to impact your community or to create that Pinterest worthy kitchen! Just remember when to go the extra mile in your DIY endeavors and when to call us at XtraMile construction. Check out XtraMile Construction at: