June: Shiny New Gadget of the Month

Tech Gadgets that Improve Productivity, Security or Efficiency in the workplace

One of the most annoying things about running a business is keeping track of all those receipts!  Here’s where Doxie Go SE, the portable scanner, comes in.

Scan your paper documents, receipts or photos, and send them to your computer or cloud service in a split second. Doxie Go SE is compact, lightweight and doesn’t take up more space than a rolled up magazine, so you can bring it with you anywhere. Its rechargeable battery will last you for up to 400 scans per charge.

Don’t have a computer with you? Not a problem for Doxie Go SE. No drivers are required – just insert your document and scan. Doxie Go SE will save the scans on its expandable SD card or send them straight to your e-mail or favorite cloud app.  Doxi Go SE retails for about $150.00 on Amazon.