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512GB  MicroSD cards: Samsung and PNY

A great way to increase the internal capacity of your portable device

The thought of packing the equivalent of nearly 1,000 CD-ROMs on something barely bigger than the average human fingernail would have been unimaginable only a decade ago.

Now storage companies like Samsung, Sandisk or Integral are slowly pushing 512GB microSD cards in the market, fueled by demand from mobile devices.

PNY is one of the latest to do so with the Elite. At  $125 it is comparable in price with other products in the same category but far more expensive than the 400GB SanDisk Ultra which is about half of the price for three quarters of the capacity.

The 512GB card, the highest commercial capacity available,  allows you to dramatically increase available storage on your smartphone, great for 4K footage of field visits or business videos.