Shiny New Gadget of the Month: February

Moov New Fitness Tracker

At Your Computer Hero, we love technology.  Here is one employee’s pick for best tech gadget:

Moov Now is an odd little wearable in a wearable world where the screen is king, this unremarkable disc does not have a display, yet still contains a huge amount of power.

It’s got nearly all the top elements a fitness tracker should have: months of battery life, step tracking, sleep monitoring, fitness updates, cross training and run coaching.  The best part: it. retails on Amazon for only $55.

The Moov Now may not have all the bells and whistles you would associate with a fitness tracker but the six-month battery life is pretty impressive.  Yes, you read that right: six months.

During those six months you can track your steps, your sleep, your fitness, your running technique and a whole lot more. This may be an unconventional fitness tracker, but it’s a great one.