Shiny New Gadget Of The Month: January

XY4+ Tracking Device

At Your Computer Hero, we love technology.  Here is one employee’s pick for best tech gadget.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to  waste time looking for missing items-keys, cats, children-again?  This cool tech gadget  gets two thumbs up!

  • FIND YOUR LOST ITEMS Whether you’re looking for your keys, wallet, luggage, or making sure Snuggles doesn’t escape the fortress, this tiny yet powerful bluetooth key finder and tracking device easily secures to whatever you don’t want to lose.
  • EASY TO USE ANDROID & iOS APP – You can use the XY Find It app to see where your item was last spotted, and then make your XY4+ ring so you can track it down without even seeing it. But what happens if you lose your phone? Just press the XY logo to make your phone ring – even if it’s on silent!
  • GET NOTIFIED BEFORE THINGS GO MISSING – XY’s KeepNear technology alerts you when you leave important things behind, or when lost items re-enter the range of your phone. You can even setup a specific area for, say, your kid or Snuggles, and if they leave that area, you will get an alert.
  • 2X RANGE, 4X VOLUME, 5X BATTERY LIFE – The XY4+ key tracker is four times louder, has double the range (300 feet), and an incredible battery life of up to 5 years compared to other tracking devices on the market.