Slow Computers and Productivity

Are you missing out on productivity because of slow computers? Most people understand the frustration of waiting for a slow computer, yet employers aren’t always dialed in on this issue. I (Jenna) walked into a local business recently and was met by a very frustrated employee. She was waiting 2-3 minutes each time she wanted to access a work related online database, which was many times each day. She was ready to throw the computer out the window and walk off the job because of the frustration.

There could be many reasons why this computer was not running optimally. That is why we offer an 11-point diagnostic on computers like this on. It is the basis for deciding whether it is worth fixing or replacing. The cost of paying this employee to watch her computer grind away will far exceed the cost of maintaining this computer and keeping this employee happy and productive.

Slow computers are a productivity and morale killer in the workplace. If you check-in with your employees and find that their computer speeds are slower than they should be, call Your Computer Hero.  Since 2004, we have been speeding up slow computers for individuals and local businesses. Trust Your Computer Hero for IT Service Management in Minnesota and Computer Repair Ramsey