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Practical Password Practices

There are an endless number of articles touting password keeper apps, accompanied by explanations about why long randomized passwords are the best practice. They all say a version of the same thing, “You’re fooling yourself if you think your very predictable Pa$$W0rd is actually fooling hacker decoding software”

After trying 3 different password keeper apps, I decided that these apps and the technology that surrounds them, have a long way to go to become truly useful.  I encountered a number of problems including:
1. App was too complicated, not intuitive.
2. Fingerprint recognition would not work well. There’s no point in having all my 16-digit random passwords protected by a 4-digit pin under the “Password” banner on my phone.
3. One app did not generate random passwords.
4. Perhaps the biggest problem; my iphone lost the “paste” info as I went from one app to the next.

Even though I concluded that a password keeper app is not for me, I did make one lasting change to my passwords during the course of my research.  I $t0pped.Doing.Thi$!

One easy way to generate long passwords that look random, but are memorable, is to think of a sentence that means something to you, then use it to generate a password. For example, “I ate ice cream daily in Rome in June 2000.”   This “key” sentence translates to “I8icdiRi6.2000.”  This simple sentence is personally memorable to me but unique enough to be impossible to guess.  It easily generates a 14+  digit password.  If you can remember or write the sentence, you have a good chance of remembering the password.

The Benefits of Choosing Our IT Services for Your Business

Computer Network Consulting MinnesotaRunning a business and keeping everything working correctly means investing in quality IT services. When your business is too small to warrant your own IT team, you can trust the specialists at Your Computer Hero to provide you with the IT service management you need. From simple computer repairs and maintenance to full networking projects, we are prepared to help you. Here are a handful of reasons why you should choose us:

  • Keep Working – As a smaller business, you cannot afford to take a day off because of computer problems. When you have us working on your systems, you will be able to get back online and working as soon as possible.
  • Take Care of Maintenance – Many of us do not realize how much maintenance is necessary when you have your own computer network. Our team provides essential services, assisting you at times that are outside your regular business hours.
  • Stop Problems Before They Happen – A virus or security leak could bring your business to a halt. We work hard to keep your data safe at all times, finding solutions that work correctly for your company.

Contact us today when you need computer networking consulting in Minnesota or any business IT services. Our team specializes in data network security, as well as computer repair services.